• Excellent Networking course. In very simple and practical terms, it has helped me to be more prepared and confident in networking situations. Very engaging, with practical tips that should help in real life scenarios.   KPMG - Dublin
  • Thank you so much for the additional tips. Your Advanced Presentation Skills training was the most useful training I have had in my life.
    Law Firm - Bangkok
  • The sessions were extremely well received - they were pitch perfect. Thanks to Tara and Marianne.
    DAC Beachcroft - Dublin
  • I found the course useful, it re-confirmed my default personal profile of leadership style. I also managed to get a better understanding of how management and leadership operates, found my weak points and had an opportunity to practice and find the ways on how to resolve my issues.
    Senior Works Staff, leading construction & civil engineering company - UK
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Advanced Presentation Skills programme and, although I was absolutely dreading the videotaping, I found it very, very useful. I was actually presenting a one day training course 2 days later.  This is the longest and most in-depth course I've provided and was quite nervous about it.  I remembered the hints and tips you gave and put them to good use (although I'm sure you would say my pauses should have been longer!).  The feedback I had from the delegates was wonderful.
    Lawyer, Anthony Collins Solicitors
  • The video sessions were extremely insightful. Further, the opportunity to almost immediately put into practice what we learned / feedback we received in the second video session was incredibly helpful.
    Lawyer, International Law Firm - Dubai