Impact & Confidence

Impact & Confidence


Empower you with practical and effective techniques to improve confidence, develop good communication skills and enhance personal gravitas and impact.


Whether it is about developing gravitas and presence, having those uncomfortable and challenging conversations or being seen and heard in meetings, our bespoke programmes use Actor Associates to bring both realism and to share with you the skills actors use in order to be at their relaxed and natural best when under the spotlight.

Skills gained:

  • Greater gravitas and self confidence
  • Being someone who is listened to
  • Having the confidence to enter into discussions with those you hitherto avoided
  • Knowing how to handle difficult conversations
  • Communicating more confidently, knowing you do so with poise and credibility
  • Understanding how you can retake and maintain control without undermining your audience/co-workers
  • Engaging more with your audience and holding their attention. Being able to overcome the difficult behaviours of others so you can contribute fully
  • Having a full impact wherever you are, whatever your role

What our clients say: 

“I always worried whether I could have more gravitas – more presence and you have showed me how without it being unauthentic.  And I also feel confident to make it happen.”

Senior Associate – International law firm