How we work

We help you raise your level of gravitas and influence so you can differentiate more clearly and sell yourselves, your ideas and services more effectively.  We focus on developing skills and behaviours natural to you which help you be the advisor the client wants to appoint because in most cases they don’t have to.

How we do it

We work face to face and remotely, one to one, with small workshops, large groups and through webinars.  We use video review and corporate actors as appropriate during programmes to allow you to practice conversations in a realistic though commercially safe environment.  We support you afterwards with short video clips to keep the learning fresh.

What you will get

  • Greater gravitas and impact through attending our programmes.
  • Most workshop programmes delivered in a half day session.
  • Short follow-up videos to reinforce key programme points as ongoing programme support.
  • Highly practical and enjoyable programmes with participants acquiring not only new skills but crucially, the confidence to use them in real situations under pressure.
  • Small numbers for workshops resulting in individual focus and bespoke solutions.
  • Corporate actor associates where participants benefit from ‘client’ interaction and practising a conversation in a realistic though totally safe context.
  • Video review playing a key role in inspiring confidence

Why it works

The learning sticks because you not only acquire the skills but also the confidence to use them when in the spotlight and under pressure.  Our learning is highly experiential, based on work day situations and it is invariably fun.

Who is this for

We specialise in helping professional service people, with the emphasis on middle management upwards.  Anyone whose personal and corporate effectiveness will benefit from more gravitas and greater impact will benefit hugely from working with us.

What makes us different

If you work with us today, something really changes tomorrow.  We adjust programmes to your availability and focus on learning points – often small incremental points or ‘one percenters’ which when added together, can really make the difference.  We leave you not just knowing what to do but with the confidence to do it under pressure in real situations.

To find out more, call us on +44 (0)870 428 8191 or email