Advanced Presentation Skills

The Client:

International law firm (Magic Circle)

The Challenge:

Although technically accomplished, the ability to impart information that is relevant, engaging and memorable is a skill that few people have and that most need in order to advance their careers.  Therefore, to help their lawyers present their ideas and services more effectively and get significantly greater buy-in from their target audience, the client approached The Influence Business to develop a bespoke, practical training programme.

The Solution:

We delivered a half-day programme on Advanced Presentation Skills, which addressed the elements of effective presenting – namely structuring from the point of view of the audience rather than the speaker, using examples and stories, conversational delivery, authentic and powerful body language, speaking notes, as well as what works and what doesn’t with visual aids including PowerPoint.  During the programme, each speaker was videoed twice which allowed them to see and believe that the skills they were learning were really working for them.  The programme was interactive and instructive, and participants left with the confidence that they really can do it themselves in business situations when the spotlight is on them.

The Results:

This programme really does deliver the important skills for delivering effective presentations – formal or informal, seated or standing, with or without visual aids. When we meet participants again, sometimes years later, they will always remember the programme and recall at least one of the key points and say how they have put it into practice.

“Many thanks for the follow up email.  I thoroughly enjoyed the session and, although I was absolutely dreading the videotaping, I found it very, very useful.

I was actually presenting a one-day training course 2 days later.  This is the longest and most in-depth course I’ve provided and was quite nervous about it.  I remembered the hints and tips you gave and put them to good use (although I’m sure you would say my pauses should have been longer!). The feedback I had from the delegates was wonderful.  I was particularly happy with one comment which read “a very interesting course, expertly delivered by a trainer who is very experienced and knowledgeable”.

Thanks once again and I shall continue to practice!”