Client Engagement Skills

The Client:

DAC Beachcroft (Law Firm)

The Challenge:

The client approached The Influence Business to help their team improve their client engagement skills as a means of differentiating the firm more effectively.

The Solution:

We delivered a one-day programme that covered a range of skills and behaviours that would incline the prospective client to choose DAC Beachcroft over the competition.  The programme covered the following:

  • Presenting in a way that had maximum impact rather than an information dump
  • Handling challenging conversations to preserve the relationship
  • Negotiating with the aim of preserving the relationship and avoiding discounts without getting something in return
  • Getting back in touch over the phone after a lengthy period, in such a way that the other party felt that they weren’t being sold to and that there was something in it for them

The one-day programme was very practical and made use of one of our actors so that fee earners could practice and explore conversations as realistically as possible and in a totally safe environment.

The Results:

Anecdotal feedback at the time, and subsequently, pointed to many examples where the training had helped; a Senior Associate getting great feedback after delivering a client seminar; a Partner who was able to rehearse a real-life challenging conversation he was struggling with and about to have; how a little refocusing on telephone calls made it much easier to pick up the phone and make the call; and how focusing on the five key areas of negotiation, provided an easy framework for the discussions as well as the important points on which to concentrate, helping to arrive at a genuine win-win result.