Pitching Skills for Lawyers Workshop

Gain the skills and techniques required to clinch the sale and convince the potential client to appoint you at our highly interactive Pitching Skills for Lawyers Workshop on Friday 23rd November.


Led by the ex-head of a UK big-4 pitch team, this exclusive half-day workshop for a maximum of 10 participants uses a case study (an invitation to tender or request for proposal) to illustrate the key stages of a competitive tender where firms can influence the client to appoint them.

The following key stages of the pitch are covered:

  • The go/no-go decision
  • The strategy for meetings and other client contact
  • The preparation of the document
  • The preparation of the pitch presentation

Participants receive information progressively to simulate the real circumstances of a pitch where the dynamics are ever changing.  They are encouraged to react to the changing circumstances in a way that enhances how the client views them.

The approach participants take is continually evaluated and alternative solutions to difficult situations are presented.  Real examples are introduced to add colour to the case study and the skills and techniques discussed.  The focus is always on how participants and their firm can differentiate themselves from their competitors. There are plenty of opportunities to find solutions to the areas you find difficult on a pitch.


Attendees leave the workshop with confidence to approach pitches from a position of knowledge in that they understand:

  • The process involved in a pitch
  • How clients decide which firm to appoint
  • How to differentiate themselves and their firm
  • The opportunities to influence clients
  • How to prepare effective documents
  • How to deliver high impact presentations

Workshop details:

Date: Friday 23rd November 2018
Time: 9:00AM – 1:00PM
Price: Early booking rate of £275 + VAT  (Total £330 )
Venue: National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2HE


To book your place, click here.