Promotion Interviews

Promotion Interviews


Uncover and articulate your personal business case and develop the ability to present in a relaxed, authentic, confident and compelling manner. 


Whether you are up for promotion or going for a new job, you are selling yourself, which for many is an uncomfortable experience.  Our bespoke promotion interview skills courses will help you structure your message and be comfortable to talk about yourself and what you have to offer.  By presenting your case to one of our team and through the use of video, you will get the opportunity to see how well you performed, helping gain the confidence to put those skills into practice for real.

Skills gained:

  • Identifying what differentiates you and makes you an attractive proposition over the competition
  • Being comfortable to sell yourself
  • Presenting informally with confidence, gravitas and authentic behaviour and using a conversational delivery style
  • Making use of stories, metaphors and examples to illustrate your point and show your personal brand

Here is a programme on Promotion Interviews we have delivered for our clients – click to download:

What our clients say:

“Going for partnership is a really important stage in my professional life and it’s really important to start off by creating a positive image. Your sessions really helped me focus on what is important to those interviewing me, rather than what I wanted to tell them and also being able to get it across in a relaxed conversational way. I now have much greater confidence in walking into that interview room. Thanks you.”

Lawyer – International Law Firm, Amsterdam