To give you the practical leadership skills and behaviours which encourage others to follow you willingly.


Drawing on different leadership styles, you will do practical exercises and work with actors to identify how successful leaders communicate.  Using either our own scenarios relevant to your sector or those developed with you on the spot, you will have the opportunity to explore what works for you in any particular situation in a commercially safe though highly realistic setting.  More practical exercises help you identify how leaders need to behave if others are to follow them.

Skills gained:

  • Understanding your default leadership style
  • Flexing different leadership styles for different situations and making them your own
  • Understanding the skills and behaviours leaders use to communicate
  • Appreciating what leaders have to do for people to follow them willingly
  • How leadership skills can enhance a manager’s effectiveness

Here are some Leadership programmes we have delivered for our clients – click to download:

What our clients say:

“As a middle manager, I have relied up to now on management processes without really appreciating how much better good leadership skills could make me. I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learned into practice.

Project manager – London