Apply practical tactics suitable for both business and personal negotiation.


In our half-day or two day negotiating skills courses, through a mixture of discussion, tutorial and practical, you will explore the process and behaviours to develop, test and practice your negotiating skills in a realistic though wholly safe environment. Whether it is around fees, agreements or workplace issues, you will focus on five key areas that you ignore at your peril in a negotiation: Trading, Interests, Behaviours Power and Planning. Working with us, you will practice these skills and appreciate how spending even a small amount of time on structured planning can really reap dividends when you face the other party. Concentrating on both behaviours and skills, you will negotiate for a win/win and preserve the relationship.


Skills gained:

  • Understanding and applying tried and tested negotiation processes that achieve better outcomes for you and your organisation
  • Acknowledging the importance of relationship building when negotiating for the longer term
  • Appreciating the behaviours skilled negotiators use when trading
  • Being able to recognise and counter different styles, personalities, ploys and tactics, some of which may be devious
  • The confidence to apply natural skills when under pressure.
  • Negotiating under pressure

What our clients say:

“I got a huge amount out of our session and I am very pleased I was able to attend. In many respects, I think it was probably the best training session (internally or externally provided) that I have attended in six years.” 

Lawyer,  International Law Firm,  Amsterdam