How to get a pay rise in 2012

How to get a pay rise in 2012

Asking for a pay rise sounds counter-intuitive in an ‘austere’ year characterised by budget cuts and salary freezes.

Even large accountancy firms which have weathered the recession relatively well will keep a tight lid on the pay pot.

But many accountants in firms as well as in business have taken on extra responsibilities un-recompensed over the last few years: covering the work of colleagues who may have been made redundant; stepping-up to the role of manager without the pay increase because of promotion freeze; or handling increased work levels because of a block on recruitment.

These individuals will want to receive their just rewards in the future, but there’s always a danger that employers will get used to the new status quo. When once an accountant would find a better job if pay and promotion requests were consistently turned-down, the current flat employment market has limited that option.

So, what should accountants do to ensure that their efforts are rewarded and not over-looked in 2012?

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